Over Two Decades of Jawsomeness: Shark Week and the significance of celebrating it.

Over Two Decades of Jawsomeness: Shark Week and the significance of celebrating it.

Sharks deserve it and here’s why.

  1. For ages, sharks have been branded as the ruthless killers of the deep. It doesn’t help much when movies like Jaws and Deep Blue Sea seem to make it their point to antagonize sharks. Because of how Hollywood and the media manipulate our ways of perceiving sharks, it is no surprise as to why our society has come to shun these commonly misunderstood creatures, ultimately harming them and endangering them. 

  2. Quint Is Devoured – Jaws (9/10) Movie CLIP (1975) HD
  3. This clip from the Spielberg film, Jaws, is evident of the power Hollywood has in shaping our thoughts regarding sharks.

    The way we perceive sharks from the dawn of time might have persisted if not for one particular TV channel’s attempt to celebrate sharks rather than to antagonize them. 
    Discovery Channel first aired Shark Week on July 17, 1987 as a week-long TV event which served to increase awareness among the people regarding sharks. Now after over two decades since its premiere, Shark Week has been considered as one of the most popular TV events in the history of broadcast television. It is currently being aired in over 72 countries and has made staggering impacts around the globe. Reaching its 26th year this 2013, Shark Week will be airing once again on August 4. 
  4. Shark Week – Sunday | Show Me Your Teeth*
  5. A witty Shark Week commercial courtesy of the Discovery Channel.
  6. The inevitable annual Shark Week countdown.
  7. One of Discovery Channel’s clever promotional schemes during Shark Week
  8. Shark Week promotional video for Shark Week 2013.

  9. Shark Week has also been quite a spectacle in the realm of social media. Live tweets and Facebook updates about the said TV event has helped in publicizing the specials usually aired during the week. Aside from that,  social networking sites haves also served as avenues to spur discussions on a relatively controversial topic—-shark finning.
  10. Official site of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

  11. Shark conservation advocates recently celebrate on the tightening of the ban on shark finning in the European Unions.
  12. Celebrating the long-awaited strict EU ban on #shark finning. New EU regulation’s enters into effect July 06th: ow.ly/mGPef
  13. Check this out !

    Finally, the loopholes have been closed !

    As of July 06th 2013, sharks caught by EU vessels… fb.me/1AQvBkcV7

  14. Over the years, sharks have most definitely grown out of their molds as ‘dangerous merciless man-eaters’. Because of the heightened awareness regarding shark finning and shark endangerment, an impressive amount of advocates for sharks have emerged.

  15. A touching tale of a shark attack survivor who eventually became a conservation advocate for sharks.
  16. Another story on a shark advocate who was once a victim of a shark attack.

    So what exactly is the point of this post? 
    Shark Week has certainly been more than just any other seemingly overrated TV event. Because of Shark Week, hundreds and thousands of people from all over the globe have grown to appreciate sharks and realize just how important and how magnificent they truly are.
    So here’s to Shark Week for without it, people might never even get the chance to appreciate the beauty of sharks:
  17. Great White Shark Jumping
  18. Shark Week-Air Jaws: Leaping Shark

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