Baking a Brownie in Mug

So in one of my classes, we were assigned to do an activity which we’ve never done before, take a video of it, and upload it on YouTube. The catch is it has to be a video that includes steps or in other words, something that remotely resembles videos uploaded on HowCast. Anyway, I decided to make a brownie-in-a-mug since I’ve never done it before.

P.S. I apologize for the really lame quality because my mobile phone’s camera was the only one I had lying around at that time. Also, I apologize for not talking (although I doubt anyone is fond of my voice). My voice got badly corrupted by a terrible cold I was having during that time. So, yeah. I’m sorry for that.

Credits to my awesome sauce best friend, Jessica, for allowing me to invade her unit, lending me her stuff, and for taking the video. Thank you, Jess!

Intro music entitled Sunny Days is from
Song entitled Crazy Love by Mindy Gledhill