It All Begins with a Thought

Genius: one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. –Thomas Edison

Last July 27, my online journalism professor had us attend this event called Open Coffee which is apparently an event originally from Europe but was later on adapted in the Philippines.

Open Coffee eventually became a monthly event in which various entrepreneurs and budding businessmen would gather to pitch ideas and give each other business tips that would help in them in their future business ventures.

Last Saturday was the JUAN GREAT LEAP JULY EDITION OF OPEN COFFEE. The event kicked off with introductions and a prayer, after which volunteers took center stage and presented their ideas within a 2-minute time span. After their pitch, the audience would then offer tips on how these ideas could be further improved as well as pieces of advice on how and where people could look for connections that would aid them in their businesses.

I was generally fascinated with the concept of having to share your ideas (no matter how weird, crazy, or absurd they may be) to a large crowd of people you’ve never met before. If you think about it, it’s inevitable for one to acquire an apprehensive feeling if ever you get invited to stand in front of a bunch of random people in order to share an idea you most probably just thought of while you were taking a shower. But in Open Coffee, anyone with an idea to share and an idea they’re willing to develop is more than welcome.

A good number of volunteers went up stage to pitch their ideas, but what stood out the most for me would be the one about advocacy tourism. As an environmentalist, I was glad to see people still willing to give a damn about our natural environment and not let it all go to waste by incorporating it to the aspect of tourism.

All in all, attending Open Coffee was an interesting experience. Indeed, it is quite refreshing to see a business setting that is not-so business-like in a sense. The forthcoming atmosphere and the sharing of ideas found only at Open Coffee was certainly something I never expected from a so-called ‘business conference’.

Despite the general positive outlook I have on this event, I left Open Coffee with one question in mind:

Must it always be about the money?